human://Skullhead Ascend Edition of 3 by Aeqea Coming to 3rd Ethos NYC

Skullhead Human:// custom hand-painted figures and card by AEQEA exclusively for 3rd Ethos Gallery NYC to raise funds for HUMAN SUPPLY charity benefits.

Exclusively available at 3rd Ethos Gallery next week.

  • Haind-painted resin printed miniature figures size approximately 3x3mm
  • Hand-painted custom card back
  • Custom collaboration AEQEA X 3rd Ethos Collective



human:// Skullhead custom designer figure with hand painted cardback by AEQEA X 3rd Ethos


Only available in NYC at 3rd Ethos Gallery

3rd Ethos Gallery
154 Knickerbocker Ave #1R,

Brooklyn, NY 11237